Thursday, July 19, 2007

WEEK 2 News from the Peregrine: Day 8, 9, 10 and 11

They are sailing on in! Here is the recent news from the Peregrine:

When we got down to 24N, we hit some good breeze and turned the boat west. She began surfing down waves, getting the crew all excited, and they couldn't be deterred from heading west all day, even though there was a tropical storm approaching from the south that would bring more breeze to our course if we just headed down to it. The result, we ended up sneaking back into the lower part of the still troublesome Pacific high, and ran out of speed.

Turned south in light breezes and fought our way back down to 23N, once again just sneaking in ahead of the CAL 40's. The last of the frozen spaghetti was inspected, sniffed, and tossed.

Major catastrophe on Wednesday:
Jeff lost the toilet overboard. We're traveling light, so the toilet was only a large plastic bucket, but it's not the cash value that concerns us. A broadcast was made on ship-to-ship channel 4A warning all vessels in the vicinity to be on guard for a partially submerged PVC container labeled "Shit".

Trade winds continue to build. We're now getting 20K regular breeze and surfing down long rollers at a top speed achieved (by your humble correspondent) of 14.7K, accompanied by a yell of "yikes!" 14K seems like a lot of speed for one's bedroom.Our VMG (velocity made good to Hawaii) is finally coming up, and we anticipate arrival in around 96 hours (sometime on Monday). It's a drag race to the finish. At this point, a feat of magic would be required to beat the cal 40's in our division, who have motored down the course beautifully.We were sighted by a 60 footer from the Thursday start, Topango, who jibed to port and slid down to leeward to inspect us. The took some photos of us, we took some photos of them, we chatted on the VHF radio, and they powered off over the horizon.


Tony Law said...

Hi Guys

At last figured out how to send message! Nigel gave me the name to watch before he left. Looks like you are doing real well - good luck.


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