Monday, July 16, 2007

Day 6: Message from the Peregrine

Fresh from the Peregrine:

It's Sunday! We've been sailing for almost a week, and only now are we beginning to see signs of the developing trade winds.The boats in the later starting groups, having the benefit of better initial breezes, are roaring up our tails, but we are still fighting hard within our division, against the cannily sailed Brilliant and the tough Cal40's Far Far and Psyche, who are shooting around behind us to the south.

Last night we drank our last two cans of Tecate, the excuse being it was Saturday night and if we didn't drink them now, they wouldn't be cold anymore. The rum is also going mysteriously fast. Is someone a secret off-watch grog tippler? Perhaps.

We continue to eat well and stay healthy, and the boat is a dental hygenist's dream. The crew appears to be egging each other on in a kind of flossing contest. Strands of used floss are caught in the rigging and flutter like fairies in the night. Yesterday we were visited by an albatross, and today we saw two tiny birds fluttering above the waves, only to realize they were flying fish. Cool! Love from all to all.


jeff olshesky said...

Peregrine isn't showing up on the tracking website. I now have to actually work throughout the day. Please repair!!!

dave faulkner said...

simon; it's been a blast so far to watch and read of your progress. the hobie 33 legend is alive & well! continue the floggings as needed. cheers.